UX for AR-based Factory Maintenance App

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The Idea

This was a UI Design Project made for an AR app (in association with Bully!Entertainment) developed specifically for the LIVEWORX 2018 Conference's presentation. The client has already had the UI layout as well as the backend for the app. Our role was to design the User Interface based on their existing UI/UX. An interesting part of the project was that the UI was dedicated for the Augmented Reality environment which brings challenges such as:

  1. Transparency & Legibility
    UI elements in the AR Experience need to be partially transparent for the User not to get the world view narrowed too much.
  2. Contrast
    It's harder to make the contrast ratio of the UI elements compliant with the WCAG standards and keep it legible for all.
  3. Target Users
    Although the app was designed to get presented on a LiveWorx Conference, its made-up target was factory managers in a crowdy environment on an iPad which brings multiple variables to come into play

Another interesting part of the project was that this AR Experience was composed of the UI/UX on the managing app on an iPad and a made-up real-sized Rubber Ducks Factory which was triggered by a gigantic AR triggering tag on the floor. So as the presenter scanned the tag, this huge factory grows in front of his and the audience's eyes with all its moving parts and sounds...

The app was designed for factory managers not only to be able to get real-life notifications from the production line but also to be able to more quickly locate them and take action immediately on the spot.

Seat-back, grab a bowl of soup and relax watching Robert Schmid taking you to a deep-dive into the factory of rubber ducks ✨

The entire experience was nicely presented by Robert Schmid, Chief IoT Technologist of Deloitte Digital.
Ipad in woman hands with AR App loaded on the screen.

Some screens from the app

Sample mockups of AR App designed for LiveWorx18
"Couple more screens from the app 🐥"

We've also made a juicy-little icon for the app 😊

Newly designed icon and its view on the mobile screen.
"Cute, isn't it?"


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