FWD Automation
An IOT app for Oceanco Yachting

Sample mockups of Yachting IOT App for iPad designed for FWD Automation

The Idea

The idea was pretty simple — to give the yachts' users possibility to control as much as possible from the level of an iPad's app. Why iPad? –well, you don't want to be tiring your eyes on vacation, do you? 😎

Prototype Video

Internet Of Things

The app let's the User to control Lighting, Blinds, Air Conditioning, Temperature, Humidity, TV, Video and Music along with their libraries. Simple as that.

Eight static screens of Yachting IOT App for iPad
Some IOT screens

All-In-One Dashobard

Obviously all these fancy controllers are accessible from the level of a single Dashboard view.

Three static screens that present Dashboard of Yachting IOT App
Dashboard view

Order a drink to your sunbed or chat with friends on the land

Having all the yacht's devices connected and controllable from within the app we couldn't forget of the communication part. Both: with the yacht's staff and with your friends on the land.

Four static screens that present the communicator feature designed for Yachting IOT App
"-How's it going? -Wavy, yet gorgeous ❤️"

Two iPad mockups that present the communicator feature designed for Yachting IOT App
"Two chilled Martini to the sunbeds by the pool please"


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