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PAX A920 Smart Terminal Android payment terminal in hand

Whole New Level of Experience with Payment Terminals in Poland

In cooperation with wonderful people at Polskie ePłatności (Polish ePayments) and Novelpay, we have created a different level of User Experience with Payment Terminals in Poland.

A quick sneak-peek

A word about Polskie ePłatności (Polish ePaymets)

Polskie ePłatności are the third in terms of the Polish market share and they are responsible for 160 000 payment terminals in Poland.
Polish ePayments is the leader of the non-cash transaction market in Poland. They specialise in processing non-cash payments and providing innovative services for business, ensuring the handling of payment transactions made with payment cards and other services with the use of POS terminals and on the internet.

Ok, but tell me about the project

The main objectives with our job were to make User Experience more accessible and fun, but also to emphasis the brand.
We've been asked to create 3 different prototype-demos to explore different directions. So we did. Unfortunately we are not allowed to present them here, but the interesting part of it was, that since it's made on top of Android OS, which by default has very little limitations, we were to explore whole range of gestures, including full-screen swipes, to e.g. initiate Sales.

Information Architecture

Although Polskie ePłatności already has their infrastructure of apps for their customers, there's been some room for Information Architecture rearrangements.
Below are the first 3 levels of the app's Menu for a logged-in user presented.

Animations in the UI

What can really put things apart with User Experience is the animation. Although its obvious power, UX can easily be overwhelmed with too many parts moving too dynamically on the screen.
With Polskie ePłatności we've worked out something that makes the UI come alive (literally) but at the same time does not overwhelm (yep, feel free to correct us if you feel we're wrong).

The main unified element that breathes life and solidifies the brand, was this most-dominant animation which consists of 3 circles placed on red background, which are scaling up in size 10% for 1.6s and then they scale back down. -The animation is infinitely looped, which creates this impression of breathing.
Moreover, it appears not only in full-screen mode on the idle screen, but also is displayed on every other screen, where command-box appears. The command-box masks off the animation to its boundaries.

Apart from the breathing animation we have designed a bunch of other stylish, yet non-intrusive animated icons to enrich the understandability and overall experience. Below are couple examples:


We know that good icons are only those, which enrich the experience. -But what it actually means? Since nothing is more legible than typography (text), icons may only be added when it adds value to the meaning that comes from the written word. Therefore we have designed a complete set of custom-made iconography to make sure we're alligned with this principle. Below are some of them presented.

Rate me...

Another handy feature we've been asked to design was this simple Client's Evaluating system. Although we've been considering using happy/neutral/sad faces, that are more commonly used for evaluation in Poland, we came out with 1-5 star rating system, which supports broader approach and doesn't steer into negativity by any mean.

PAX A920 Smart Terminal

It matters how you finish

We have also came out with this idea to add this humane feel to the app after the transaction gets accepted. So we did ♥️♥️♥️

PAX A920 Smart Terminal

As seen on the web

Cashless.pl has written some insightfull words about the app. -You might wanna go and check it out.


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