UX for iOS-based POS
for SaleQuick.com

Sample mockups of POS App Design for mobile designed for SaleQuick

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About SaleQuick

SaleQuick.com is a company from United States–Texas which is focused on helping accepting payments in the simpliest possible way. They offer credit card processing to the automative industry that integrates with the shops' management systems. SaleQuick eliminates complex processing rates by offering flat rate processing for all major credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, AMEX or DiscoverNetwork.

Our role...

TeddyGraphics role was to craft the UI for the Client's back-end. What we've initially received was screens with some generic layout and the description of all the features. Additionally we've been asked to design a calculator that would allow the User to simply switch between the taxed and non-taxed transactions.
Here's the result:

And couple static screens:

Four static screens of POS App Design for mobile designed for SaleQuick

SaleQuick.com — their LandingPage

We've been also asked to design LandingPage to Market the Client's System and their Contactless Reader.
All icons and badges are custom vector illustrations, drawn exclusively for SaleQuick 👌🏼 ✨

A composition of three, following parts of a Landing Page that presents the design of the website

Download the App from the App Store

SaleQuick on the App Store