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Mockup of WebApp designed for ThunderAct presented of iPad

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About ThunderAct

We would like to share our design for ThunderAct — which thanks to its innovative AI-driven solution, allows you to automatically interpret customer's records from multiple sources and perform accurate business actions. Thanks to their software, organizations can identify risks, opportunities, trends and deliver powerful customer insights based on the analyzed data.🔥
Sounds interesting? Head onto the study to find more about the project and our role 👇

Our Role

Our job was to design WebApp and a Landing Page for the product. And even though we can’t fully share the design on the App itself, we are happy to present the Landing Page Design for the product, that was part of our collaboration and shows the souls of the project.

Main Page screen
Main Page

About the Project

We designed and organized the page in a way to smoothly provide the customers with all the necessary information. Thanks to its division's users are lead from one topic to another and find more details on how the product works. To facilitate understanding of the topic, individual subjects are enriched with custom icons, illustrations and graphs. The entire project has been kept in the company's colors and the dominant violet color was combined with the complementary blue.

Below is a quick presentation of our work 👇

ThunderAct Landing Page Presentation

Custom Iconography

We believe that icons should bring additional value and enhance the understanding of the written text. Therefore we have designed for ThunderAct a complete set of custom-made iconography to enrich the overall experience.

View of the monitor while working on icons for thunderAct Custom Icons for ThunderAct
Custom Icons for ThunderAct


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