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Hi, we're Teddy, a Product Design & UX Testing Agency with Growth-Hacking Core.

Why we Design?

  • ART is what makes humans Awe! We believe "Awe" is one of the reasons the Sun rises! Awe is what fuels imagination. Imagination is the mother of all invention. -And everything around has been invented!
  • ART that in addition is UTILE, is what makes the Universe grow!
  • UTILITY is the human-factor in things. There is no UTILITY without humans. WE DESIGN FOR HUMANS.

How we Design?

  • Speed is King. -We have acquired ability to deliver faster than others while maintaining Focus, Calm and Quality. We draw a lot of attention to our unique systemic-workflow.
  • We work towards THE BEST WE CAN POSSIBLY BE, at the task we are accountable for.
  • We embrace deadlines. A deadline weeds out the meaningless and the ordinary. It prevents us from trying to make it perfect, so we have to make it different. Different is better.
  • The way we make our Designs impact the World in the best possible way, is that we know, that the Client isn't the end of the impact-path that our output creates. At the end of the impact-path there always is the User.
 Our aim here is to do the best for the User and make the Client happy with our output.

What we Design?

  • We Design Delightful Experiences that DO THEIR JOB through the best use of Psychology, Ergonomy, Utility, and Technology.
  • In Designing for Humans, we follow Principles and Patterns that best help Users understand things they are going to interact with.


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