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Redesigning the Website

Our Client, specializing in fast money transfer, came to us to refresh the Design of their website. The project came to be even more exciting, because as we speak with the Client, they also needed Front-End + Full Marketing Graphic Design support.

About the Design

To meet the Client's needs who wished for a modern service, we designed the original website with custom icons, illustrations, and JSON animations. In our design, we used company-dominant blue colors and we supplemented them with light peach and pink background gradients, which complimented the modern and minimalistic business character of the site.

Screensot of all the screens designed for Transfer24 for Mobile
Screensot of all the screens designed for Transfer24 for desktop.
Transfer24 Responsive Website

Custom Icons and Illustrations

As we mentioned before, to enrich the understandability and visually enhance company branding in the minds of consumers, we designed a bunch of original icons, illustrations, and animated icons. Below are a couple of examples:

Presentation of Custom Illustrations and Icons made for Transfer24
Custom-Made Vector Illustrations and Icons for Transfer24
Photo of a Custom-Icon being designed in a vector-drawing program.

Screenshots for App Store and Google Play

Transfer24 has its application available for iOS and Android. To enhance the users to download the applications we've also prepared screenshots for App Store and Google Play that correspond to the new look of the website.

Screenshots for App Store on iPhone 12

Google Ads Banner Design

Our last task in cooperation with Transfer24 was to design advertising graphics. We have designed banners that encourage customers to visit and whose aim is to contribute to increasing traffic on the website. We made sure that all marketing materials and content are visually consistent with the new look of the website.

Banners for Transfer24

Transfer24 Responsive Website

If you'd like to see how our solutions perform and how the design was implemented, feel free to visit the Transfer24 website 🔥.


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