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We design huggable User Experiences (UX) with carefully-crafted User Interfaces (UI)

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Our main focus is UX, UI and Creative Graphic Design.
Most of our projects are centered around FinTech, but we also serve EdTech, MedTech, logistics and warehousing, and the automotive industry.

UX/UI Design

Rapid Prototyping

UX Research

User Testing

UX Workshops

Web Design

Front-End Development

Creative Graphic Design

Our Clients

Some brands we delivered for.
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(In some cases though — because of NDA — we may not share further details yet).

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We work onsite to better serve our remote Clients

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TeddyGraphics is a UX Research and UX/UI Design Agency.
We are interested in delivering high quality output to meet the expectations of the toughest critics of all — our Clients fed by their Users.


What people say…

A portrait of Bulent Alacahan from testimonial

Bülent Alacahan

R&D Software Director at PAX France

We are very satisfied with the delivery level , quality and timings. This is a very autonomous company. We can ask for something without going on much details, they are able to manage and reach the target.
From our Clutch
Primeo logo placed instead of the missing portrait

Michał Pniewski


[Translated from Polish] I heartily recommend. We have had the opportunity to cooperate twice in the last two years and always everything goes smoothly. Professional approach.
From our Google Business
A portrait of Ahrani Logan from testimonial

Ahrani Logan

Cofounder & CEO at Peapodicity.com / Co-Creator of AUGMENTIFYIT

We love working with Piotr at TeddyGraphics. We have done a few of our projects with him that have gone on to win awards. His design skills are professional and he is always open to new ideas and discussion about our project needs. We look forward to working with him more in the future!
From our Google Business
A portrait of Edwin Douwes from testimonial

Edwin Douwes


[Translated from Dutch] Professional designer. Thinks along. Pleasant communication. Creates 'explainer videos' with explanations. Recommended!
From our Google Business
A portrait of Joao Heep from testimonial

Joao Heep

JH International Group

[Translated from German] Piotr is competent, creative and absolutely professional. I can recommend him blindly. If you're looking for a specialist to do your project the way you want, Piotr is your man. I am still in contact with him today and trust him completely.
From our Google Business
A portrait of Noy Bar from testimonial

Noy Bar


TeddyGraphics is our one and only official UI\UX expert. They continues to surprise us in the range of services and professionalism while keeping in mind available budget and restrictions & working together to get the most possible. Highly recommended!
From our LinkedIn
A portrait of Grzegorz Jaglarski from testimonial

Grzegorz Jaglarski

Partner / Vice-president / Business Development at NOVELPAY

Piotr is very creative person, committed to project and focused on details. I always enjoy working with Piotr so I truly recommend Piotr if you need UI/UX designer.
From our LinkedIn
A portrait of Karolina Pająk from testimonial

Karolina Pająk

Product Development Manager at Polskie ePłatności

[Translated from Polish] Piotr was responsible for the UX of Polish ePayments for an Android-based POS terminal. He is a professional product designer who approaches the project with a lot of energy and a wealth of ideas. He has an excellent sense of customer needs, a quick response to proposed changes, a meticulous attention to detail, and a wonderful rapport, making working with him a pleasure. I hope that our professional paths will cross again on many more projects.
From our LinkedIn
A portrait of Paweł Jakubowski from testimonial

Paweł Jakubowski

Operations Director at Prudential

I had a chance to work with Piotr on the implementation of the Customer Portal for Prudential Customers. We knew Piotr from a previous engagement with our Company, so we invited him to work also on this initiative. I was really impressed with how Piotr works and the quality of his deliverables. He learns quickly, understands the requirements of his Customers and then translates all this into brilliant UX solutions. Piotr works very fast and he is very communicative, which makes co-operation with him very easy and almost effortless. I would strongly recommend him as UX expert / UX designer!
From our LinkedIn
A portrait of Janusz Żak from testimonial

Janusz Żak

Innovation Manager at Prudential.pl

Piotr (@TeddyGraphics) has been supporting my team at Prudential. We went through digital product designs as well as material design - both with great outcomes. Piotr offered a bit challenging approach that significantly increased final deliverables value. I recommend Piotr as a fabulous team mate, as a smart practitioner with in-depth understanding of design principles and as a man of a great sense of humour.
From our LinkedIn
A portrait of Katarzyna Dziwota from testimonial

Katarzyna Dziwota

Brand Content Manager | FinTech @ Donateo.pl

[Translated from Polish] TeddyGraphics is a firecracker agency! Their projects are developed with the utmost care and a thorough understanding of the client's needs, resulting in the achievement of intended business and image goals. The icon they designed for our e-commerce activities was executed, in my opinion, in accordance with the best UX/UI practices – and it translated into a significant improvement in our results. After such a successful pilot, we also entrusted them with tasks such as creating a lead-generating set of landing pages. We are extremely pleased with TeddyGraphics' communication and collaboration! We highly recommend them!
From our Google Business
A portrait of Chris Sandoval from testimonial

Chris Sandoval


TeddyGraphics is the most prompt seller I have ever experienced. As if that wasn't good enough, TeddyGraphics can translate your concept to reality. This guy is a professional, you will get your $$$ worth.
A portrait of Edwin Edelenbos from testimonial

Edwin Edelenbos


TeddyGraphics was great to work with. He did a great job for me and I hope to work with him again in the future.
A portrait of Joe Conelly from testimonial

Joe Connelly


Piotr is a consummate professional with excellent skills and an ability to apply them really well. Excellent job and thoroughly recommended!

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do you have in UX design?

We have been designing UX and UI for both small and big projects, e.g.:

  1. Example small project:
    UX/UI for Android-Based Terminals for Polish ePayments
    (~7 weeks project).
  2. Example big project:
    UX/UI for PreSales WebApp selling insurances for Prudential
    (~15 months project)

How can your UX design services add value to my business?

Our UX design services adds value to your business when our output hits your business-goals.
To be able to see if we hits your business-goals there needs to be metrics that’ll allow us to:

  1. See where your UX is now,
  2. Setup where the UX is wanted to be in the given time in the future,
  3. Measure UX in that future when it comes.

What is your process for creating a successful UX design project?

Every projects requires our process-template to get tailored accordingly.
Usually we start-off with our original 2-Types Scope template which you can read more about here: TeddyGraphics.com/pricing

What kind of support and maintenance do you provide after completing a UX design project?

As much as needed. That’s one more reason to consider during the Commercial-Offer acceptance. We take care of considering UX maintenance on the process of creating our Commercial-Offer.

Do you only do design or also development?

We specialise in UX and UI Design but we also do Front-End on demand. Our example realisation: TeddyGraphics.com/Transfer24

Do you do everything in house?

Our strategy is that we have 2 Teams:

  1. Core-Team which is the touch-point with our Clients and which is responsible for 80% of TeddyGraphics get-work-done.
  2. Extended-Team which is for remote experts who expand our workforce when needed and whose work is always directed by the Core-Team.

What makes your UX design services stand out from other providers?

And now for our favorite part. -In order for You to benefit from our output, a Clear, Understandable, and Lively communication must take place between both parties. And the responsibility of that communication is on us.
We draw an insane amount of attention to the way we communicate. Especially with regards to its Efficiency and Emotional aspects.
UX is a combination of Efficiency and Emotions in action, and so is our communication.

Once those two aspects are taken care of, we can come to our sweet-spot: Speed is King! -We have acquired ability to deliver faster then others while maintaining Focus, Calm and Quality. We draw a lot of attention to our unique systemic-workflow.

How do you ensure that User Experience is optimised throughout the design process?

Optimisation comes through measurement. We take care of tailoring that measurement to your business-goals.

How much do you charge for a project?

We work within Your budget. Period.
To get a sense of our pricing though, head onto TeddyGraphics.com/pricing for a comprehensive portion of the aha!

How long will it take to complete a UX design project?

On average it takes 1–16+ months...
It solely depends on the project size, its business-goals, and communication process.

What is your team experience and expertise?

Piotr: 10 years in the UX and UI field,
Łukasz: 11 years in the UI and Graphic Design field,
Milena: 2 years in the UX field,
Sergiusz: 6 years in Graphic Design and 2 years in the UX Design field.

How can I contact you to get an offer?

On this webpage alone there are 5 ways to contact us that you can freely choose from:

  1. “Get a Quote” form (it takes 45 sec. to complete it): TeddyGraphics.typeform
  2. Email us at hello@teddygraphics.com
  3. Book a call with Piotr in 3 clicks: Calendly.com/TeddyGraphics
  4. Contact form at the bottom of this page
  5. Either of our social channels listed at the bottom of this page


Tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest 👉 hello@teddygraphics.com

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