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Prudential in Poland

Prudential's origins are in London in 1848. In 1927 Prudential came to Poland and stayed until WWII. After the WWII Prudential came back in 2013. Now (Q4 of 2019) they have departments in 20 major cities in Poland with over 800 qualified Consultants.
Soon after coming back to Polish ground, Prudential Polska developed an iOS-based PreSales Application to allow Consultants to sell Assurances in digitally. -Basically, the app was doing the job at that time.

The PreSales App

Because Prudentail's Sales didn't want to operate on iPads only, they decided to redesign the UX and UI of their PreSales', Consultant's and Client's Portals to be able to swiftly operate in a web browser as well as to help the Consultants match Assurances to the Clients' needs better.

So we did

And it took us a year, from the first meeting to the release day.
In close association with wonderful people from Prudential's Sales-Support Department, we've worked out and tested a completely new UX and UI with flows that allow the Consultants to freely lead their meetings with Prospects, in the way that suit best for the optimal results. -It is an expert's job to properly evaluate the needs of the Prospect and tailor the Assurance that will make Clients happy.

Below is a quick (and proud) presentation of Prudential's NEW PreSales App (PSA)

Prudential's PreSales App

Evaluate the needs...

Polish Financial Supervision Commission (Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego – KNF) is doing its best to supervise all financial services, so they really serve the people.
Therefore, Prudential Poland, next to its core-mission, has also an institutional duty to do all it can, to tailor its services properly.

The Needs Analysis

Prudential's Sales Department (along with with their wonderful people, as mentioned earlier) came out with the idea to create a set of algorithms, that on one hand would speed Consultants' work, by quickly evaluating Prospects' needs, and on the other hand, would make Assurances combination that the Clients sign up to, to be even more aligned with the company's mission.

A wireframe scheme presenting the Need Analysis.
A snapshot form the Needs Analysis' UI

The Adequacy of Needs and Requirements Analysis

Next to The Needs Analysis there are 2 more tools that the KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Commission) is obligating Prudential to use with Prospects: Needs Adequacy Study and Needs and Requirements.
The challenge here was because of its institutional overtone, it was a bit hard to go through all the detailed questions with the Prospect and not to make her/him bored 🤔

We came up with this simple idea to present one question at a time, add an automated scrolling, toggling as each question is answered, and keep the progress bar always visible, so the Prospects have a constant check on their advancement ⏩

Automated scrolling and progress bar presentation — giffied.

Ok, but tell me more about the app...

PreSales App is just one of Prudential's suit. Apart from PreSales App (PSA) there're also: Electronic Application (eApp), WebMail (Mail), Consultant Portal (PK), Client Portal and CRM Camino (CRM).
TeddyGraphics is responsible for the PreSales App and Client Portal (currently WIP).
Although each of these apps is designed to do a certain job, there are many cases when Sales-Support people need to quickly jump between individual apps.
Now, Sales-Support people log in once and get access to the whole suite. Definitely speeding things up 🚀

Pre Sales Apps Home Screen with the suit toggle
PreSales Apps's Home Screen with the suit toggle 🍭🍬🍫

Calculating Assurance combination and the contribution 🧮🤓

Definitely, the biggest challenge in the PreSales App is to present the whole Prudential portfolio and to clearly show, which of these products suit the Prospects' needs, present the contribution variables as well as to clearly state which of them fall under the KNF's (Polish Financial Supervision Commission) policy — all at the same time for the perfect comparison.
We came through dozens of solutions here (message me if you want to see the ones that didn't work and are not presented here) and below is the fruit of it.
On the left-hand, the user is presented 5 main Products/Assurances, where next to each of them are 3 slots for calculation previews to clearly stack them one next to each other.

We want to emphasize, that this screen as well as all the UI/UX we've done here is the fruit of the work of a whole bunch of wonderful people from Prudentia working together in a strong alliance, with Janusz Żak — who was the Innovation Manager at Prudential Polska and our direct supervisor — on top.

Two laptops that present Prudential's Products — the core screen of the PreSales App
Prudential Products — the core screen of the PreSales App

Calculator is the second screen that goes hand-in-hand with the core screen, where Prospects get a real sense of what the contribution will be like and for what combination of agreements.
Here there is up to 3 calculations to be made, on 3-coloured tabs.

Three tablets presenting the Calculator Feature while performing different calculations.
Calculator — where up-to-3 calculations can be made

Publicly the app is in use by Prudential Consultants since early October 2019

Business with Prudential — training Agents

Training the right people to work as Agents isn't easy. The first explanatory thing, which is to help potential-people to understand the core functionality within the organization is the "Business with Prudential" presentation that is the integrated element of the PreSales Application. It is to tell the history of Prudential as well as to explain how Agents make money and earn bonuses. Basically.

Slides from the Business with Prudential presentation
Couple slides from the "Business with Prudential" presentation

Is the Client happy?

Janusz Żak / Innovation Manager at Prudential

I have met Piotr as a contractor (@TeddyGraphics) supporting my team at Prudential. We went through digital product designs as well as material design - both with great outcomes. As I am a bit stubborn (have a good sense of expected outcome) as a client, Piotr offered a bit challenging approach that significantly increased final deliverables value. I recommend Piotr as a fabulous team mate, as a smart practitioner with in-depth understanding of design principles and as a man of a great sense of humour.

This Testimonial is from LinkedIn >>

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