UX for Android PAX Terminals & Ingenico Self Series
for eService

A hand with a smartwatch near the PAX A920 Terminal on which a request for contactless payment is displayed.

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1. About the Client

eService is a part of PKO Bank Polski and EVO which makes it the biggest billing agent in Central-Europe.
 It operates over 535k Payment Terminals in 11 Europenian counties and is on the market for over 20 years.
 eService’s payment transaction acceptance services are available in stores, on the Internet and in mobile applications, in all European Union markets and abroad.

Map of Europe showing the countries where eService operates and plan to expand, and in which countries the transactions of the Evo group are processed. Bar graph showing number of payment terminals operated by eService.
from eService.pl

2. UX for All New eService's Devices

After successful story of Interface Design for the Ingenico Terminals and the portable D220 for eService, we got the opportunity to design interfaces for all new portable Payment Terminals and Self-Service Terminals. Below is the result of our cowork presented on: PAX devices A920, A920Pro, A50, and Ingenico Self Series. Near future there are more models to be added to the family, such as: PAX A800 or PAX IM30.

Pax A920, A920 Pro, A50 and Ingenico Terminals S920, Self/2000 and Self/4000.

3. Terminal PAX A920

We started working on the flagship PAX A920 — a portable, touchscreen Terminal with integrated printer operting on top of Android.

Pax A920 terminals in perspective.

a) About the Project

Thank to the feature-reachness of the app we’ve had an oportunity to influence its Information Architecture so the End-User gets a Product that has a clear logican structure.

Application flow diagram.

b) Launcher Icon & Splash

Then we have enriched all sales transactions with vector-based animations of card-usage methods, and in key messages, such as informing about the success of the transaction or its rejection, we used vector-animated icons as well.

Pax A920 terminals in perspective.

c) Custom Icons

Each item on the Menu list was enriched with a dedicated custom icon.

Pax A920 terminal in perspective.
Pax A920 terminal in perspective.

d) Custom Vector Animations

All animations in the UI are Vector-Based (super-crisp):
1. Ways to use the card (image below)
2. Transaction-Results (Accepted, Rejected)
3. Question mark that appears when there is some decision to make
4. Spinner that appears at times of processing, connecting, etc.

Pax A920 terminals in perspective.

e) Accepted vs. Rejected And Their Contrast

It is challenging how to deal with the transaction rejection with delicacy.
 Our main challenges were:
1. To be legible
2. To be delicate
-Especially with regards to rejection’s rare frequency.
Our Client reported about cases that the rejection transaction screen was not contrasting enough which caused some mechants not seeing the screen when the case occured. For those merchants we came up with contrast shown below.

Pax A920 terminals in perspective.

f) It Matters How You Finish

Another thing we think deseves its spot are the animated SMILEYS that show-up at the end of successful transaction. Smileys were first introduced with PAX D220 Terminals in 2018 and since they have been positively welcomed by the Customers, Client decided to use them in new devices as well 😊.

Set of smileys displayed on PAX A920 terminals.

g) Operating in Low-Light?

Everybody has the Dark Mode / Light Mode switch. So do we 😎

Pax A920 terminals in perspective.

h) Custom Color Variations

Our UI has also been implemented across all Evo brands (Central-Europe). -Recolored with respect to each brand’s unique voice.


eService Showcase.


REVO Showcase.

CardPay AA

PCardPay AA Showcase.

Moneta Bank

Moneta Bank Showcase.

Bank Of Ireland Payment Acceptance and its UK-Division

BOIPA & BOIPA UK Showcase.

4. Other PAX Portable Terminals

After having the interface for A920 finished, we adapted the design to other portable PAX Terminals - A920Pro, A50 and S920.

a) Terminal PAX A920Pro

Pax A50 terminal in perspective.
A920Pro in use

b) Terminal PAX A50

The waiter at the customer's table prints a receipt from the terminal.

c) Terminal PAX S920

Pax S920 terminal in perspective.
Diagram flow for Terminal PAX S920.

5. Self Series Ingenico Terminals

Part of the project was also to design a visually consistent interface for Self Series Terminals that can be used, e.g. on self-service petrol stations or in vending machines. We present some examples of our work below👇.

a) Ingenico Self/2000 Flow-Diagram for self-service

Diagram flow for Terminal Ingenico Self/2000.

b) Ingenico Self/4000 Flow-Diagram for self-service

Diagram flow for Terminal Ingenico Self/4000.

6. As seen on the web

Cashless.pl has written some insightful words about the app. -You might wanna go and check it out.

Banner advertising an article about new terminals for Android from eService.


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