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New Experience with Payment Terminals in Poland

In cooperation with eService and bezgotówki.pl, we have created a new level of User Experience with Payment in Poland aimed for the wireless & sexy PAX D220 Prolin-based Payment Terminal ✨

D220 Payment Terminal showing its beautiful User Inteface

From the beginning...

First of all, we have asked Users (both Merchants and Customers, whose using patterns are different) what functionalities of Payment Terminals of different suppliers, they have been encountering issues with. What I want to emphasize at this point is that the Research took place in 2018 when the UX (User Experience) of Payment Terminals in Poland has lots to get fixed. For the purpose of this Case-Study we want to bring only those remarks that are repeated in significant volume.

Below are some of the most frequently repeated answers:

Examples of issues, that users encounter while using payment terminals
Users' issues

Then we came up with several UX (User Experience) suggestions to make an ultimately good experience — for both Merchants and Customers.
The graph below is showing which suggestions the Users agreed with:

Pie chart that illustrates the most important insights from the Market Research about payment functionalities issues.
Couple of most important notices as we ran the UX Research

What we believe deserves attention is this waiting-for transaction acceptance tension which we wanted to try and off-load. We came up with an unusual idea of using Animated SMILEYs just after the transaction is done 😁.
To quickly validate the idea — we have rapidly put a clickable prototype to life, to see what the Users would think of it. Then we asked: "Do you think that a SMILEY screen with a goodbye, friendly note improves the overall Experience?"

A phone mockup that presents exampled SMILEY together with a Pie chart, that illustrates that three-fourths of respondents had a positive attitude toward them.
Respondents have had a positive attitude toward SMILEYs 😊. I mean — come on — who wouldn't have?

Here are couple SMILEYs presented:


Finally, we've managed to tailor the UI layout that responds to the Users' needs

Blueprint of UI layout concept
UI's blueprint

Then we have created 3 main UI styles for the Client to choose from:

A presentation of three main UI styles prepared for the Client to choose from.
3 Main UI Styles to choose from

Based on the first option, that the Client has chosen, we have given 6 viral colour variations to pick the final style from 🤩

A presentation of six colour variations based on the chosen UI Style.
Kelly-Green/Navy-Blue version has found favor with the Client ✅

Here's a snapshot of how Sales and Main Menu flows look like:

User Flow for Sales and Main Menu
...some spaghetti 🍝
User interfaced presented on a black D220 device
👆Blackily black D220
User interfaced presented on a white D220 device
👆White as snow D220


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